Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I Am A Robot.

My emotions have always been, kind of hidden. I do not do well with pouring out my soul. I do not generally cry a lot. And when I do, it is almost always within the comfort of my own home, and sometimes not even my husband can see me. When sad things happen, I feel it, I DO get sad. I swear, I do. But I just, I don't cry easily.

TK likes to tease me, that I am an emotionless, cold fish. We both joke about how I am void of any and all emotion. (Clearly, not true seeing as how he has actually seen the evidence otherwise). But honestly, I sometimes worry about myself.

So this morning, I was feeling a little bit emotional. Like I wanted to cry, because we all know, crying can be very therapeutic. When you have a good cry, all of the sudden, everything feels better. Maybe not ALL better, but a lot better. So yeah.. hormones.. emotional... blah blah blah, I decided to test it. A while ago TK and I saw the Trailer for The Impossible. And just a minute into it, we looked at eachother and both agreed, hands down, there was no way we could ever watch that. But I downloaded it, for the specific purpose of a good cry movie. So this morning, I watched it. But not a single tear. Not even when I inevitably imagined my family in that situation. Yes, it was an incredibly sad movie and even based on a TRUE story, but I didn't cry. WHAT THE CRAP IS WRONG WITH ME PEOPLE?!

Either I am a closeted sociopath who is one day going to snap and be thrown into a mental institution where the clothes are super tight, the walls are extra squishy, and I am forced to spend each and every day in a permanent state of hugging myself, OOOOOOOR... I am a robot who is void of all emotion and can only cry when someone programs me to do so.

So I vote robot, mmmmmm kay? Cool.

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