Saturday, November 13, 2010


Ok. So clearly I am a little obsessed with a certain someone... and the father of a certain someone... and it shows. a lot. i know.

I also know that lots of people get on here to keep up to date on this certain someone and could really care less about me.

however, with this, i also know that some people may not care so much about a certain someone's smile or chunky thighs...

SO. Here we go.

Currently life has gotten to be pretty chaotic. I feel like I'm always going. Even sitting down on the couch to relax has it's hidden agendas. Grocery shopping has become my exciting adventure of the week (or month... depends..) and guaranteed quiet time is only between the hours of 9 pm and 3 am. (sometimes more.. again.. depends)

But life is moving and I am always adjusting. TK has been working AMC and oddjobs causing time together to be limited. But oh how I love that precious time!! We're getting very creative with "date nights" which are basically just glorified family relaxation time... but we hold hands on the couch so it TOTALLY counts!

TK and I are both looking at going back to school in the spring. --this is quite exciting and nothing is official yet. but we are very hopeful and nervous and so-on and so-forth. He would be going to get his degree in Web Design and I would be taking a whole new path toward cosemetology.

Its something I've always considered getting my license in (I think i've even posted about it before); something that i could fall back on and use for some extra cash..

But yeahhh... hopefully things will pan out and we'll finally be educated folk.

Welp. That's really all my updates for now. Sorry if I bore you. Sorry if I usually do. But it's my life :) and i LOVE it!!

Peace, Love, and CookieDough.

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