Monday, November 8, 2010

Our New Home

Last month we moved into our new home. Its out in the middle of no where but it has tons of space, lots of yard, and we can grow into it. The house is 50+years old but its perfect for us right now. There is a small wish list of big items that we'd like to do to it.. such as renovate a master bathroom.. but that isn't a necessity yet, nor is it going to happen any time soon. But we're excited for all the memories that will come in this house!!!

This is the view from the road

This is just one portion of the backyard. Complete with swingset, picnic table, shed, and so much more!!!

There are flower beds all over the yard, front and back. I am considering taking up some yard work.. planting some flowers.. but its a lot of work.. we'll see if i can ever actually get around to it.

This is the giant garden that the family used to tend to. They actually lived off of this GIANT garden. They had EVERYTHING in it.. but its all covered in weeds and ten feet tall now.. a garden is WAYYY too much for me to tend to.. but who knows what'll come of it..

So. That's our place!! I'll post pictures of the inside if we ever get it worth displaying :)

Peace, Love, and CookieDough

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