Monday, November 8, 2010

Bath Time-His Favorite Pass Time.

Aiden LOVES the bath!! He splashes, and scoots, and kicks, and giggles, and revels in the warm water.

We let him play until his fingers begin to prune and yet he still screams when we take him out. He loves everything about the water. The warmth, the wet, and even the taste. yes. This little boy will intentionally turn his head, dunk his eye underwater and slurp up some cool refreshment.

And he will do this over and over and over again! He's such a little goob!! (needless to say mom has to keep a CONSTANT eye on him and even a hand or two just in case) But its all worth it.

--not like I could take my eyes off him and his joy!! its infectious!!! Such a love bug!!

Peace, Love, and CookieDough

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