Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Day 5: I'm grateful for the generosity of others.

Story: For a while the a friend of mine, Jeanette, has been wanting to give me her children's old outdoor playhouse but hasn't had a way to get it to us (too big for our cars).

So her neighbor, also a friend of ours, offered to deliver it in their truck. Well, while trying to coordinate with the Lisa (owner of the truck) she told me that her husband Craig wanted to bring it by today and was going to drop it off after he dropped off their old dryer at the salvation army but since they S.A. wouldn't take it, it was going to take longer for him to drive home, unload, and then come over. My response, "Your trying to get rid of your dryer?! Does it work!?" Lisa, "Yeah! It's awesome I just wanted a big one, we've had it for so long and its never given us trouble!" ME, "We'll take it off your hands!!!!"

So in one day we scored a free dryer and a free playhouse for Aiden to play in not too far off from now! SWEET! I am so grateful to the Payton's and the Smokstad's for being there for us and helping us out!!

It also got me to thinking about others that have been very generous.

Jeanette has given us so many hand-me-down toys!! Some that Aiden currently enjoys and others that he'll love when he's old enough!!

Katie is always offering her baby-sitting services and not to mention that bouncer that she has lent us that was a TOTAL life saver!!!

Oh and I couldn't ever forgive myself if I didn't mention Jeff and James!! They found us a dinning room table that we still have to transport over here!! They're always there for us to help rig up a swing or even take us out for lunch or dinner!! They spoil us rotten and are such great friends--they're always willing to help!!

TK's family is also really good about watching Aiden when TK and I are both in need of working on projects (such as moving) or even just a date night!

Not to mention all of the people that gave us clothes!! (I still have yet to have to buy Aiden any clothing.) Yay for hand-me-downs!!!

We have so much to be grateful for!! I love my friends and family. I have such a great support system. I know so many people that I can rely on and for that I couldn't be more grateful!!

Peace, Love, and CookieDough.

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