Sunday, November 28, 2010


Day 4: I am grateful for new traditions.

SO... I can't remember too many traditions that I had growing up.. and TK doesn't really have a lot he wanted to carry over either. And for the first year of marriage, traditions weren't really all that important to us seeing as how we are lazy and Aiden had yet to arrive.

BUT THE GAME HAS BEEN CHANGED!!! Aiden IS here and we need to start up some family traditions.

So this year, we purchased our first tree. It is probably 18" tall and sits on our table. We have a few decorations and I made some snowflakes out of paper (we. are. cheap.) ha. And below the tree is several slips of blank paper, a pen, and a bowl. This is our "giving" tree. When feeling loving, we can go and write something on a slip of paper and address it to someone. It can be a word of encouragement, love, a coupon for something, or a thankyou. We fold it up and write the person's name on the outside. And then come christmas morning, it will be the first things we open. So whether or not there are toys and clothes under the tree, there will always be gifts :)

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  1. I just love you! You have taught me so much lately especially with your 30 day challenge that I am hoping to start soon and now with your newest Christmas tradition. I love it! By the way you aren't cheap but smart! Decorations don't need to be pricey or expensive!


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