Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Nailed it.

Ok, people, today was AMAZING. It is incredible what a fresh new attitude can do!! I even had a horribly crappy night sleep last night, but still, I woke up determined to make today be different, to have today be AMAZING... and it was.

Eva was up at 7--simultaneously with TK's alarm. I fed her and making TK's lunch Aiden woke up. We said goodbye to daddy and Aiden and I had some oatmeal and chocolate milk :) Then, bath time was requested--my kids LOVE bath time--so they played in the tub until it was Eva's nap time. While she slept, Aiden got his only screen time of the day so that I could pump.

After that was over, my visiting teachers (2 friends from my church that periodically check up on me and hang out) came over and we all played on the floor with Aiden and his puzzles and blocks. He LOVED the attention and was showing off big time! Eva even came out to join in all the fun! After my friends left, I really wanted to take a couple of Christmas shots of the kids and got some AWESOME ones (see last post). They are just too cute for words and I love them dearly.

After photos it was lunchtime for all. Eva enjoyed some squash and whole wheat baby cereal and Aiden ate TWO and a HALF corn dogs!!!! Holy porker. Time for books followed by an awesome Tupperware drum session and dance party and then back down for naps goes Eva. Aiden and I had some wonderful one on one time (we made a Christmas tree from construction paper and glued on ornaments and cut snowflakes and hung them around the room) until I tried to get him to nap... he stayed in his room quiet for half an hour until Eva woke up.. then he came out pretending like he just woke up. I let it slide and we continued to play!

Then we decided to bake some banana bread---I CAN'T MAKE BANANA BREAD TO SAVE MY LIFE!!! I've tried so many times, and somehow, it always fails. Tonight wasn't horrible, but it wasn't as good as it should have been. And then it was time to make dinner. Grilled ham and cheese :) TK got home just in time to help.

After dinner, Aiden's best bud came over to hang out while his parents went on a date! Aiden LOVED hanging with Carter!! They were running all over the place!!! He was getting all sweaty and worn out so I hope he sleeps in tomorrow!!! Cuz this mama is still needing a shower tonight!!

OHHH!!! And after ALL this, while there are definitely some dishes that I probably should clean up tonight (but won't)... Aiden's room and our living room are clutter free!! Oh yeahhh, that's what I'm talking about.

Here's some documentation of the happiness: (On a side note: Aiden is getting REALLY good with the camera...)

I am so blessed to be the mother to two completely amazing kids!! They're so much fun and full of laughter! I am so excited for this new adventure that we're going on together and am so grateful that they are so patient and forgiving with me even when I'm not with them. They rock.

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