Monday, December 16, 2013

Three Years of Aiden

So, since Aiden's 3rd birthday came and went during a time in which blogging was at a very low priority level, I decided I needed to write a post as if we were back at his third birthday. So allow me to rewind three months....

After three years of having a son I have learned one thing: I LOVE MY SON!

His birth.

His first birthday.

  And his second.

 And at last, his third.

He's enthusiastic about EVERYTHING.

At his 3 year checkup, he was a PRO! He went through the routine like a champ. Stood on the scale, lifted his arm for the thermometer. Stood up to be measured and even got a finger prick without crying!! He rocks.

He can run circles around me. Literally. Lots and lots of circles and not even get dizzy.

He is a great big brother. Even if its only been for a few months. He loves her and protects her and tries anything and everything to make her smile.

While minecraft with daddy is pretty dang fun, his favorite activity is actually building a fort, popping popcorn, and watching a movie with Mommy and Daddy.

He's super tough. He'll get hurt and fall down like no body's business, but then he pops up and goes, "whoa!" with the proudest little expression ever.

He's the best snuggler in the world. I'd give a million dollars for just one of his hugs.

He loves Wreck-it Ralph, Phineas and Ferb, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

For Halloween, he is insisting on being Spider an even though he's only seen one of the cartoon episodes.

He's a whiz at the computer.

HE LOVES singing and dancing. He knows tons of songs that I sometimes mix up the lyrics on. He is amazing.  

And I love him. And will always be grateful for him and all that he teaches me.

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