Sunday, December 15, 2013

New Beginnings

Welp, its not January yet, but things are a changing here!

TK is starting a job on Tuesday. Full time. In addition to his already full-time college courses. Yeah, he pretty much rocks.

I am going to die.

Now seriously, I love my kids, they are the BEST!! But it has been a VERY long time since I have had to deal with them on my own. When Aiden turned 1, I began school. I was gone 40 hours a week while TK was the stay-at-home dad--and ROCKED it. A year and a half later when I was done with the cos salon, he and I both took online courses and a few classes in person, but nothing full time. Then Eva came and we both had the summer of from school. Then this last semester, he's had all online classes. I have IMMENSELY enjoyed having him home, having our ENITRE little family home. Its been as close to an extended vacation as we'll probably ever get. Yeah, we've both been taking classes online, but we were all together. We spent our days playing and watching movies and just enjoying one another. But now... now things are going to get MUCH harder.

His full-time 9-5 job starts in Charlotte on Tuesday. (He could have started tomorrow, but with us all being a little under the weather, he thought it best to give it another day..) And then Christmas is next week, New Years the week after, and then just another week and a half later, he starts FULL time course load... one of the classes is Monday nights from 6-10pm. And I am taking two classes so will be gone Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 5-9pm. Aka. I will BARELY see him Mon-Wed and EVERY weekeday he will be gone leaving me with these two little rascals!!

Stay at home mom--solo. Two kids. . . . . I gotta be honest, I'm terrified. I mean, that is a crazy daunting task. I so strongly admire all of the parents that do that. It is an incredible thing. And then to do it WELL!? To raise them RIGHT!? I mean, psh. I don't even know where to begin... What am I going to do NOW!?! I can't take time-outs when no one else is there to make sure they don't set the house on fire!!! hahahahaha.... I am really going to miss going on time out....

OK! Positive thinking....

I know I can do it, errr, I WILL do it. But it will definitely be an adjustment, and I will fail at first, at least 5 times.. BUT we'll get the hang of it... And by the time we do, it'll just be a few more weeks till summer :) when we at least won't be going to classes.

I'm excited for this new challenge (even though I am terrified by it) and am so proud of TK and all that he does for us!! He is the best dad in the world, my most favorite hubby ever, and is so brave and awesome for taking on so much just for us! He rocks.

The end.

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