Friday, December 20, 2013

Shot Through The Hea--Ahem, leg. And MOM's to blame...


Eva was up at 6 AM!! YIKES!!! Little goober GOBBLED down her milk--9 OUNCES!! Porker. She was super hungry.. and super gassy. Hahaha.. She pooped twice within the first hour!! Aiden and TK were up at seven.. Made em both breakfast and packed TK's lunch and set Aiden up with the Kindle on the couch. (We think he may have gotten woken up by TK's alarm this morning... especially since he went to bed so late last night and without any nap.) I put Eva down for her 1st nap early and got a head-start on pumping. After such a late night last night I was REALLY not expecting such an early morning today, but I guess that's motherhood for ya, right?

Later in the afternoon both kids had to get flu shots :( Such a sad outing... Aiden actually knew exactly what was coming this time. I asked him to pull down his pants and immediately, "No! No hurt Aiden, Mommy! No, please" yeahhhh... I suck. I explained it all to him, told him what would happen. And then tried to lay him down on the exam table and he just started crying. I was kinda mad at the nurse though. She didn't restrain his legs. I mean, I was clearly doing my job up top (I've always been good about holding my kids down without even needing to be asked.. "for the greater good" and all).. but she was stabbing his thigh and she didn't forsee him jerking his leg up?! I'm pretty sure he made it hurt a lot worse than it needed to... and she didn't help.

On a side note: Am I the only mom who has never actually cried when her child has gotten a shot? Or six? I mean... I know its horrible and heart breaking and you feel so badly for them and wish to take away their pain... but I don't physically cry. And I swear, every mom I know posts on facebook "I don't know who cried more, me or them" type stuff.. Am I that bad??

Anywho. Eva was next. She laid down, we held her, and shot went in, out, and about 3 seconds later, she too cried. Ha. The delay got me though... it all went too fast for her and her face was like, "what? whats going, oh wow, what, what was that, hey! you did that!!" aaaaand cry.

They are troopers. Aiden was thrilled to get a sucker. And then we went home and got ready for his friend Logan's Superhero Birthday Party. Yupp, Spiderman and Wonderwoman both made appearnaces :) He loves our costumes!! And he's always asking to put them on so he quickly forgot about his leg. We had a blast with friends and some yummy food.

I am so grateful for the friends that we have made. They are the best and Aiden has so many friends. I THOROUGHLY enjoy our time spent with all of our friends and hope that they always know it!! :)

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