Monday, December 16, 2013

November Overview

 November was a great month.. but then again, aren't they all?!

We had a lot of fun with the kids and wanted to share some memories. I love how well Aiden and Eva play together. Aiden can ALWAYS get Eva to laugh. Peek-a-boo. Silly Faces. Even just saying her name can warrant a chuckle from this little one. And when she smiles, she smiles with her whole face, a big, giant gummy smile!!!

Aiden is such a morning person... I am.... sometimes. But this day that TK captured... was clearly not one of them. But in my defence, nothing is more relaxing than snuggling with this guy.

 Eva is still rolling around like crazy.. back and forth and all over the place. OH, and still smiling, as always :)

7 months old, isn't she getting so big!! I can't believe how she seems to get cuter and cuter everyday.

I don't care what TK says, I LOVE bows. And she wears them so well!!!

Hahahahaha, ok, what mom doesn't like pics like this!?

Aiden LOVES apples. He asks for one everyday, at least once. Even watching me post this, he just looked up and said, "mmm, apples?! I hungry, I need some apples!" and then when I didn't respond due to typing it out, he attempts to get my attention by putting his hand into the shape of a gun, clicking his tongue, winking, and "pulling the trigger"--simultaneously. OH MY GOSH! Can you get any cuter, kid!?

I love these three. They make my every day.


Eva loves reading books.

Aiden loves snuggling on the couch.

Even in November its warm enough to go to the park in a simple hoodie. LOVE the weather.

Eva loves bath ALMOST as much as her brother did... can ya tell from the smiles?

Concord Christmas parade with friends!!

Stake "Barn" Dance--Aiden danced his BUTT off!! It was a blast.. he sure loves "Dance Potties!!" aka. Dance Parties ;)

Just enjoying the books and snuggles.

Playing Family Bingo for Thanksgiving--Thanks again, Nana!!

Just your normal mornings...

Forever blessed.

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