Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas from Childhood

My memory is pretty bad, but I do remember a few family Christmas traditions...

- Building a fort to sleep in on Christmas Eve
- Mom reading the Polar Express on Christmas Even
- BIG Christmas breakfast
- Grandma and Grandpa spending the night
- Santa's presents and stockings in one room and other presents in room with tree
- Santa's presents were never wrapped (normally too big)
- Paper Chain Countdowns
- Lay-a-way (mom would always take us all out christmas shopping and put EVERYTHING on layaway and say, "now this is just so dad and I can come back later and choose a few things to get you..." but somehow I always remember getting everything I wanted... I don't know how she did it... its not like we always had that much...)
- Promise Rings on the Christmas Eve after your 14th B-day
- Homemade Turtles, Snickers, and Sugar Cookies
- The Calendar Countdowns with Chocolate behind the punchouts
- Pajamas on Christmas Eve
- Participating in the "giving tree" at church
- Stocking Boxes with the Weltz's and the Towns... -- Jody and Brandi hopefully know what I'm talking about
- Nick eating like 3 pumpkin pies

or... well.. i guess they weren't ALL traditions because they didn't ALWAYS happen every year....our family was always changing and adding new things... but oh well.. some memories... but thats all i got...

anyone else have traditions?? i know you do and we need some ideas!! I haven't decided what to carry over and what to start or anything yet... and I guess i kinda need to get on that....

Peace, Love, and CookieDough

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