Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Santa's Shopper

Day 26: I am grateful for budgeting.

Now I know that it is never fun to HAVE to budget, believe me, I KNOW. But I am grateful for the opportunity to learn. Its a good skill to have and it makes me practice restraining myself; which, lets me honest, is hard to do. So here I am, all done with Christmas shopping. Got the grandparents, TK, Aiden, and even all of the name exchange presents and my grand total? Less than $100!! OH YEAH, I ROCK!!!!! Haha, I am quite proud of myself :)

We are SOOOOO excited for Aiden's 1st Christmas!! It's going to be so nice having a baby in the house!! I realize he won't actually know what's going on or ever remember it or even be able to open his own presents, but it'll be fun for us anyway!! His "big" gifts are a Bat and Wobble Penguin--
inflatable, this playful penguin bops back and forth when baby bats it, rewarding actions with plenty of silly musical fun. Music, sounds and 3, count them.. 1...2...3!colorful bouncing balls inside will "invite" him to play again and again, encouraging physical development. He's also getting a Move and Crawl Ball stimulates gross motor movement and should catch his attention with the colors and lights to cause him to want to crawl after it. And its colorful buttons teach numbers, shapes, animal names and sounds!! (did i sell ya on them????? ha)

So yeah, other than needing to wrap things still, WE'RE SET! Bring it on Christmas!! We've got some memories to be makin!!

Peace, Love, and CookieDough.

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