Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Sister

Day 27: I'm grateful that Shauna's surgery went well-now i just wish she felt better! Can't wait to be there-5days:)

I'm sorry. I've been up since 6 and babysat 2 boys in addition to Aiden not taking ANY nap. This is all I've got although it is a HUGE gratitude!! I love my sister beyond reason and am so grateful for all that she is in my life. She's one of my very best friends, my only living sister, and the closest thing to a mom I have on this earth. She means the world to me and I'm just her sister, she's an even better wife and mother.

So I guess, in addition to the original, I am grateful for Shauna. I am grateful for the constant example she is to me and the life that she has led. She is an amazing person and I love her entirely!!

Peace, Love, and CookieDough.

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