Friday, December 3, 2010

A Fork in the Road

Day 9: I am grateful for needing to make important decisions.

I am grateful for the chance to have to make a hard decision because it gives me the chance to rely on my Father in Heaven for direction. I can weigh all of the pros and cons until my fingers bleed but it is all going to come down to what is right for us--what God wants me to do. I have the wonderful opportunity to pray and fast and depend on the Lord for guidance.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to meet a family for a possible job. Whether I get this job will depend on whether we click and whether I take it will depend upon what the spirit tells me to do. If I get the opportunity to accept this job, a decision will need to be made. Should I take the job and get some money now, or should I take some classes part time.

Classes are in the evening (full-time spots are already full) and TK's mom is willing to watch Aiden whenever TK is working and can't. But Aiden wouldn't be with me and I wouldn't be getting any money and I am totally ignorant as to how grants/financial aids work and if part time students even qualify.

Work would be EARLY (Aiden and I would have to leave the house by 6:30 at the latest). We'd work for a few hours, take the girl to preschool, have 4 hours to run errands and then pick her up and have 4 hours until her parents got home. It'd bring in a little bit of money each week--money that we need.

But I just don't know which I am supposed to do. Luckily tomorrow is fast sunday and hopefully TK and I, together, can find an answer from our Heavenly Father as to what would be best for our family right now.

Please keep us in your prayers and wish us luck as this decision is kinda stressing me out and I truly want to make the right choice.

Peace, Love, and CookieDough.

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