Sunday, December 19, 2010

Visitors Welcome

Day 24: I am grateful for the gospel and the light that it brings into my life.

Today was a beautiful day at church. We got there JUST after the opening hymn (this means it was a very good morning... and it darn well shoulda been seeing as how I stayed up late getting EVERYTHING together in the car, the diaper bag was packed and all of my primary props were waiting.. no car loading necessary) Aiden didn't want to eat this morning when he got up though so he was stuck with a bottle on the drive. ANYWHO. Had to be on time because my primary kids were singing in the Christmas program and I love the Christmas program! THEN we went on to primary where I had a lesson prepared and everything went very smoothly--i love singing with those kiddos!! And then I even got to enjoy a beautiful lesson in Relief Society... Now I don't always get to go to relief society because sometimes I get hung up with primary or Aiden, but when I do, I have actually began to enjoy it. (I used to hate the fact that I was in Relief Society, I always felt so uncomfortable--but now I have friends and LOVE listening to the lessons and feel so much more like I belong).

And that was our sabbath thus far. Aiden is nappin so I figured now would be the only chance I had to blog. So there it is, nothing too special, but it is to me.

Peace, Love, and CookieDough.

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